Long Tail Hummingbird

Long Tail Hummingbird. Broad bill base, white ear stripe, rich buff underparts I also had one there with the upper part of his beak bent up in the middle.

Long tailed hummingbird (Sylph) Aglaiocercus kingii macho
Long tailed hummingbird (Sylph) Aglaiocercus kingii macho from www.pinterest.com

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The tail is very long and narrow, extending well beyond the wingtips.

Often confused with the calliope hummingbird, but can be distinguished by the tail size. Even the largest, the giant hummingbird (patagona gigas) of western south america, is only about 20 cm (8 inches) long, with a body weight of about 20 g (0.7 ounce), less than that of most sparrows. These hummers fly more than 3,000 miles from their nesting grounds in alaska and canada to their winter habitat in mexico. Although they are the smallest of birds, there are more than 300 types of hummingbirds.