Large Hummingbird Feeders

Large Hummingbird Feeders. 12 #8 zink plated screw eyes It's the simple things about this feeder that sets it apart.

Songbird Essentials SEBCO352 Hummingbird Bird
Songbird Essentials SEBCO352 Hummingbird Bird from

Here are the top 7 large hummingbird feeders so you can take care of all of the hummingbirds that give your yard a visit. This is another method of using an old water bottle or plastic soda bottle and turning them into magnificent hummingbird feeders. Nectar is held inside the container by the vacuum created by trapped air.

More feeders are better than one large one, especially for very territorial hummingbirds.

It has an insect and ant moat that will keep away most insects interested in the sweet liquid. This large, plastic feeder, with a capacity of 80 ounces, does not need topping up as frequently as smaller feeders. Get it as soon as thu, nov 5. Get it as soon as wed, jan 13.