Hummingbird Hatching

Hummingbird Hatching. The young are born blind, immobile and without any down. The eggs are oblong in shape and are roughly the same size as a small jellybean.

The Baby Hummingbird. Captured in photos. Baby
The Baby Hummingbird. Captured in photos. Baby from

When the chicks hatch, they are about 2cm long, altricial (naked), and with very short bills. The incubation time for hummingbird eggs is 12 to 18 days depending on the species of hummingbirds. If your yard is safe and attractive, however, you can easily encourage hummingbirds to nest nearby for many years.

It is also used by the males as a warning to keep other males out of a given location.

The eggs incubate for 16 days. She tries to maintain a temperature around 96 degrees. Mother hummingbirds are very attentive to their young, and rarely wander too far from the nest site. However, hummingbird females make do.