Soaker Hoses For Gardens

Soaker Hoses For Gardens. The water weeping soaker hose is particularly useful in our garden because we don’t have raised beds. They’re so inexpensive you can buy several and leave them snaked around throughout your landscape.

Fiskars Corporation Gilmour Soaker Hose Flat
Fiskars Corporation Gilmour Soaker Hose Flat from

There’s no design when it comes to placing soaker hoses. Too much length can become cumbersome to move around and manage. Soaker hoses have little holes all along them that drip water out along their entire length using a really low level of water pressure…which means less water wasted (and lower water bills).

The configurable soaker hose kits come with hoses in up to 100 foot lengths and have multiple different kinds of ends and splitter connections that you let you put the hose where your plants are.

Long soaker hoses can be useful for large vegetable gardens, but try not to buy too much. But use them incorrectly and you may be blindsided with a huge water bill. As it would imply from its name, soaker hoses are hoses which will soak your plants. It comes with a flat design that ensures that gardeners can easily fold it up for storage when not in use.