Native American Symbol Hummingbird

Native American Symbol Hummingbird. In native american animism, hummingbirds were believed to be spiritual helpers and lightworkers. People with the hummingbird totem are messengers of hope and jubilation.

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A hummingbird is often seen to symbolize god’s “tiny miracle”, for its remarkable features and its exquisite designs. In some native american folklore, crane plays the role of peacemaker. To them, this little bird represents both peace, rebirth and life.

A hummingbird carries different symbolic meanings among the native american tribes.

Other central american cultures viewed the hummingbird as a symbol of love, sexuality and fertility. Hummingbird symbol in a dream. They are seen as rain and wind bringers, healers, and they are often linked to ancestral connections. To many of the pueblo the hummingbird is a tobacco bird.