Hummingbird Torpor

Hummingbird Torpor. This way they can survive extreme drop of temperature during the night time. Putting a thermometer under a hummingbird’s tongue isn’t really an option.

How do hummingbirds survive cold nights? Hummingbird
How do hummingbirds survive cold nights? Hummingbird from

This lowered metabolic rate also causes a cooled body temperature. The bird’s body temperature drops and their heart rate slows down. This is a really deep sleep.

Hummingbird reduces its body temperature during nightly torpor.

First, alexander wilson, in 1832, defined hummingbird torpor in american ornithology, considering the mode as deep as death. Their heart rate will drop to about 50 beats per minute. Instead, as temperatures drop with the sun, these hummingbirds enter a state of suspended animation known as torpor. This adaptation allows them to keep warm and conserve energy.