Hummingbird Plates

Hummingbird Plates. The plate itself is still firm. 20% off with code blackfriwknd.

8pcs Lena Liu's Hummingbird Treasury Miniature Plate
8pcs Lena Liu's Hummingbird Treasury Miniature Plate from

20% off with code supersavezaz. Hummingbird bird orchids flowers paper party plate. Set of 2 bradford exchange hummingbird plates misty morning, whisper in the wind.

Hummingbird small plate 15cm the hummingbird plate 15cm features a midnight blue backdrop detailed with vivid flowers and beautiful hummingbirds.

It’s handmade in the usa and contains only as many screws as are necessary to hold securely. Hummingbird is a unique establishment with a little something for a lot of different people. Love my hummingbird dish set. But on the true vintage models the hummingbird scratch plate has been hand painted, and its starting to peel away.