Ginkgo Gardens

Ginkgo Gardens. Jim drzewiecki of ginkgo leaf studio before: Ginkgo has been used as medicine for thousands of years and is prescribed for many ailments.

1400 year old Gingko tree, just beautiful! in 2020
1400 year old Gingko tree, just beautiful! in 2020 from

We donate our produce to organizations that serve people who struggle with poverty and illness. Our ancient ginkgo biloba is one of the oldest and most extraordinary trees in our gardens. Our home and garden center offers high quality outdoor and indoor plants, flowers, and garden products, as well as distinctive statuary, ornamentation, and accessories not easily found.

Ginkgo gardens is an urban home and garden center, additionally offering full landscape services from consultation/design through installation and maintenance.

We use green and organic materials to ensure that the seeds we plant have the best possible start in life and do not have any negative impacts on the surrounding wildlife. Ginkgo organic gardens now has a greenhouse! Ginkgo trees are commonly not used in private gardens in japan. The chinese did use the ginkgo for medicine, but they only used the nuts.